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Lankan woman marries Chittoor man

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A heartwarming cross-border love story unfolded when 25-year-old Sri Lankan woman, Shivakumari Vigneshwari, traveleld to India and married Laxman, a mason from Arimakulapalle in V Kota mandal, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. The couple first connected on Facebook six years ago and had maintained a long-distance relationship until they decided to tie the knot.

Vigneshwari arrived in Chennai on July 8 with a tourist visa and was warmly received by Laxman, who took her to his home. Following the approval of Laxman’s family members, the couple got married at a temple in V Kota on July 20, solidifying her place as a member of their Indian family.

However, the situation took a turn when Chittoor district Superintendent of Police, Y Rishanth Reddy, summoned the couple to his office and issued a notice to Vigneshwari, informing her that her visa would expire on August 15. The notice emphasized that she must return to Sri Lanka by the specified date, and failure to comply would result in strict action being taken.

Despite the impending visa expiration, it was revealed that Vigneshwari had aspirations of obtaining Indian citizenship. District SP Y Rishanth Reddy confirmed that the procedures and criteria for Indian citizenship were explained to her during their meeting. In response, Vigneshwari applied for a year-long extension of her visa on Saturday, aiming to continue her stay in India.

The SP mentioned that Vigneshwari’s marriage to an Indian citizen could potentially play a significant role in her visa extension process, increasing the likelihood of approval. While the outcome remains uncertain, the couple remains hopeful of overcoming the visa hurdles, as they continue to build their life together in Chittoor.

This heartwarming story showcases the power of love, transcending national borders, and highlights the challenges faced by cross-national couples seeking to unite their lives in a foreign country. As the community watches closely, all eyes are on the visa authorities to see if they will grant Vigneshwari the extension she desires, ultimately paving the way for her dream of becoming an Indian citizen alongside her husband.

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