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Let’s give time to Congress govt: KCR

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K. Chandrasekhar Rao reiterated that only the BRS, which has achieved Telangana and led the Swarasht on the path of progress in accordance with the aspirations of the people in ten years’ time, will protect the interests of the state of Telangana with uncompromising
battles. After taking oath as an MLA in the Assembly on Thursday, Gajwel had a special meeting with party MLAs at his Nandi Nagar residence.“Let’s not be disheartened that we are in the opposition. Be brave everyone. There is nothing wrong with being in the opposition. No MLA should fall into the trap of Congress leaders. Newly elected MLAs should be careful. Even if you meet the Chief Minister with good intentions, an attempt will be made to convey your personality. Give petitions to the Ministers in the presence of the people for the development of the constituencies. We are in no hurry, let’s give Congress enough time. We don’t need to scold much. They will scold them and they will go down.”
KCR said that it is not easy to implement the promises made by the Congress government. MLAs should prepare for Assembly budget meetings. “If the Congress government does not implement the promises, there will be opposition from the people.

“People had not lost faith in BRS party”. KCR advised the MLAs and MPs that BRS will
get people’s support in the parliamentary elections.
The leader directed party leaders about the strategies to be adopted to win the most
seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Several suggestions were made regarding
operational issues to be followed in the upcoming budget meetings of the state assembly.
KCR discussed with the MPs the proposals of the Centre to give cru towards projects on Krishna river under the purview of KRMB. He called for An agitation to be held in New Delhi on this matter.
KCR suggested that the MPs should take up their agitation in both houses of the
Parliament regarding the interests of Telangana.

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