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Location tracking gets simpler, easier & faster

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There’s no denying that getting the exact location for you to reach somewhere, is a big task.Coming to the rescue is Pataa Navigations, is a digital addressing app that aims to solve the poor addressing system in the country.

Pataa gives your address a unique shortcode that makes sharing your location a whole lot easier! ‘Drop Pin’ on a precise block of 3 sq. meters of the entrance of your home/office/land, and share.You can type in your exact address and convert it to a short code unique to you and help people reach your doorstep without getting lost and confused.

The inbuilt voice recording feature allows you to explain the easiest route to your house while highlighting a few landmarks in your neighbourhood. The Unique short code remains the same even if a person’s house, locality or city changes.

Rajat Jain, the founder of Pataa Navigations shares, “Some applications help find addresses, but these applications have a lot of problems.Unlike these apps, Pataa converts a detailed address into a unique short code, which is convenient to understand and easy to share. Moreover, with features like voice directions, photos and exact geotag, the chances of you being lost are slim.There were a few challenges that came up because the testing, trial, and launch of the app were majorly done during the lockdown period.However, the biggest challenge before the team was to keep the features simple yet useful, so that everyone could take advantage of the app.”

Over 80% of addresses in India are landmark-based and therefore, they allow users to record voice directions from the nearest landmark which makes navigation easy. It also allows users to click and upload photos of their property which makes identifying accurate addresses easy.

In fact, the game-changers have been a boon for farmers as they can create their unique digital addresses, thus giving them access to the world of e-commerce and more. With this, farmers will be able to transport their produce to storage facilities and markets with ease by enabling transportation agencies to reach their exact location with precision and ease ensuring no product is lost due to delays.

In conclusion, talking about the technologies the founder says, “Geotagged location with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence can lead to advanced technological Location Intelligence ensuring that known and unnamed locations can be identified and verified with ease thereby making navigation a breeze.Agriculture is one sector that is adopting drone technology rapidly. Drones can not only be used for sowing crops, spreading fertilisers and pesticides, soil/crop analysis and surveillance but can also aid farmers in making small deliveries directly to customers through drones.”

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