Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lokesh promises completion of all pending projects in R’seema

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The farmers from Chinna Tippa Samudram and Kothavaripalli met Lokesh during his Yuva Galam pada yatra and told him that they are facing several problems due to the non-availability of water for irrigation. If the Chinna Tippasamudram pond is linked with the Handri Neeva project, they will get sufficient water for irrigation which will solve all their problems. The pond is spread over 500 acres which can supply irrigation water for over 1,000 acres, they said.

“I am assuring you that when we are back into government, all the pending projects will be completed, including the Handri Neeva project. Also, the pond of Chinna Tippa Samudram too will be linked with the Handri Neeva,” Lokesh told the farmers.

Earlier, representatives of the Chittoor district Brahmin Seva Samakhya met Lokesh and told him that the Government has scrapped all the welfare schemes for Brahmins.

Lokesh said that the TDP government has allocated huge amounts of funds for the Brahmin Corporation and also introduced several schemes to help those who are from the middle and lower middle class and made an appeal to them to do their best to bring back the TDP into power.

Lokesh promised to revive the issuance of identity cards to all the handloom weavers and also will lift GST on handloom products.

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