Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Maganti Seshu assumes charge as CTRI chief

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Maganti Seshu Madhav, a distinguished agricultural scientist with the Indian Institute of Rice Research of ICAR, has been appointed as the Director of ICAR-Central Tobacco Research Institute. Rajahmundry. He assumed office on Friday.

Spanning three decades of research experience, he has made enormous contributions in the field of plant biotechnology and genetic enhancement in rice crop, benefiting the farming community immensely. He has also pioneered the work on the introgression of blast resistance genes into elite Rice cultivars for the development of blast resistance a major disease in Rice.

Dr. Sedhu Madhav is a Post Doctoral Fellow of Ohio State University USA and an esteemed member of leading scientific academies in the country and the Telangana Academy of Sciences. He has more than 125 research articles in his publication basket. He has also guided several M Sc and Ph.D. scholars and is a reviewer for various international and national journals.

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