Sunday, April 21, 2024

Major drug bust at VIzag Port

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In a major move against drug trafficking, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has intercepted a major shipment of narcotics at Visakhapatnam Port. This operation, dubbed ‘Operation Garuda’, aims to unravel an international drug ring behind the scenes.
Acting on credible information regarding drug trafficking activities, CBI officials honed in on a container from Santos, Brazil.
The container, supposedly carrying 1,000 bags of Inactive Dried Yeast, was inspected. To their surprise, authorities discovered hidden narcotics amidst the declared cargo, leading to the largest drug bust ever recorded at the port.
The entire shipment has been seized, and legal action has been initiated against the consignee and other suspects involved in the illicit trade. ‘Operation Garuda’ is specifically aimed at dismantling international drug syndicates exploiting port facilities for their operations. These sophisticated networks operate across borders, employing intricate methods to avoid detection while distributing drugs worldwide.
Using intelligence shared by Interpol, the CBI is ramping up efforts to disrupt these criminal organisations. The investigation into this seizure is ongoing, with authorities expecting more arrests and revelations in due course.
This unprecedented discovery underscores the urgent need for heightened security measures at Visakhapatnam Port.
The CBI is delving into past instances of drug trafficking through the port, raising serious concerns about the inflow of narcotics, particularly from South America.

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