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Inspired by our founders’ insatiable wanderlust and their deep appreciation for art — ‘Around the World’ was meticulously crafted to ensure it resonates with everyone’s individuality — providing a canvas upon which one’s unique spirit can shine.

‘Summertime gladness’ birthed to let your style speak of sunny days and carefree moments with our summertime-inspired outfits, designed to bring a smile to your face and a skip to your step.

Whether it’s the playful playsuits and chic jumpsuits or graceful dresses and effortlessly stylish coord sets — each piece within the extraordinary collection breathes life into the essence of captivating sun-kissed destinations and lets you dive into the season of soaked adventures with our breezy ensembles, crafted to evoke a sense of carefree bliss and pure summertime delight.

While Summertime gladness renders its magic, Around the world leaves no chance to immerse you in the enchanting allure of San Miguel De Allende, where the town’s magic weaves itself into our fabrics; feel the rhythmic pulse of Marbella’s old town square, its history echoing through the intricate patterns adorning our designs.

It helps you get lost in the vibrant streets of Montmartre, where the bohemian spirit ignites a symphony of colors and shapes and also lets you bask in the golden sunlight of Goa’s sun-kissed beaches, allowing its warmth to infuse our creations with an irresistible allure.

With masterful strokes, our prints transport you to these mesmerizing locales. Cactus, Poppy, Brushstroke, and White Lotus come alive, painting a vivid picture of the unique ambiance that defines each place. But there’s more to the artistic process.

Some prints are born from the skillful hands of the team, as they meticulously paint their visions before transmuting them into digital masterpieces.The result is a collection that pulsates with the very soul of these destinations, capturing their essence in wearable art. The fabrics embrace the spirit of summer, — ensuring both comfort and elegance.

Luxurious giza poplin, flowing viscose georgette, and breezy linen blends grace our designs, caressing your skin as you savor the sun’s gentle caress. Embracing sustainability, we proudly introduce Liva Crepe—a fabric woven with 50% Lyocell, a natural fiber that gracefully blends environmental consciousness with undeniable style.

And for those seeking unparalleled elegance, the solid pieces feature the delicate beauty of broderie anglaise embroidery, known affectionately as ‘Schiffli,’ adding an exquisite touch to your ensemble.

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