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Making the most of Malaika’s transition from spotlight to fashion label

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Bollywood diva Malaika Arora, who is all set to make her runaway debut, gets candid with The Pioneer over an exclusive chat, speaking about walking the runaway to empower people, her approach centered around wearability, and more.
An amazing runway debut by a Bollywood diva is coming up soon—it’s none other than the constantly attractive Malaika Arora, who consistently rules the charts with her amazing dance moves, often snapped in yoga or fitness studios. We were able to get an exclusive interview with the stunning Malaika Arora before she even made her sensational debut on the runway!
The Chaiyya Chaiyya star and modern-day princess exclusively states, “Movement, vibrancy, and self-expression are the foundations of my distinct viewpoint on the runway. My expertise in dance allows me to contribute dynamic energy and fluidity to the runway. In addition, my background in fitness has given me a deep respect for the human body, which informs my choices for clothing fit, proportion, and silhouette that highlight the line’s artistic vision. In terms of style, I value originality and diversity since I know that accepting one’s own traits and sense of style is the path to true beauty. My goal while walking the runway will be to empower people and encourage them to be brave and true in their self-expression.”
Fashion insiders love The Label Life for its stylish yet approachable aesthetic. With all the anticipation and mystery, it is finally getting ready for its runway premiere at Godrej L’Affaire’24. Let’s let the actress provide a few more details first, though. She continues, for instance, “My approach centers on wearability—the ideal point at which daily life and fashion collide—to make sure that my creations speak to women from a variety of backgrounds. This concept is translated into a collection for our catwalk show that captures the spirit of spring and summer and includes stylish yet functional outfits for the office, home, parties, and picnics.”
Oh my! Malaika Arora will light the ramp on fire in addition to lighting the dance floor on fire all these years ago. “In my life, dance and fashion come together as platforms for empowerment and artistic expression. The celebration of movement, uniqueness, and self-expression in both fields has a significant impact on one another. My experience in dancing influences my approach to fashion, bringing grace, fluidity, and confidence to my creations and runway shows. I am able to create pieces that speak to the body and the soul by combining a feeling of rhythm and movement with clothing.” Some fascinating facts, Malaika!
She has always utilised her platform to demonstrate that beauty is more than just what meets the eye, and that there is no one size-fits-all approach to fashion—“It all comes down to feeling at ease with who you are. Authenticity and self-confidence are beautiful, and I want to show them off the runway by embracing diversity and promoting individuality. By my work, I hope to encourage a culture of acceptance and empowerment in the fashion business by encouraging others to embrace their individuality and their true selves.”
In the midst of the glitz and pressure of the fashion industry, she places a high value on self-care, balance, and authenticity. The Gur Naalo Ishq Mitha fame continues: “I have a solid network of family and friends who help me stay focused and remind me of what’s important. I also place a high priority on maintaining my physical and mental health by engaging in activities like exercise, meditation, and healthy eating. My ability to remain true to myself and keep a positive outlook helps me deal with the difficulties faced by the fashion industry with tenacity and grace.”
Fashion should bring you joy in a world rife with criticism; it should make you feel good, highlights Malaika Arora. Through her debut runway, she aims to convey a message of confidence, empowerment, and self-expression! Having transitioned between different performance styles throughout her career, she understands the need for clothing that’s both versatile and glamorous. “My new collection is infused with elements of strength, resilience, and femininity, inviting viewers to connect with the stories behind the garments. Whether through bold colours, intricate details, or symbolic motifs, the runway collection seeks to inspire and uplift, celebrating the beauty of individuality and self-expression.”
Her advice to aspiring designers and performers is to stay true to themselves, embrace their unique talents and perspectives, and never stop learning and growing. Success in both industries, she says, requires dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to take risks. Surround yourself with supportive mentors and collaborators, and don’t be afraid to push boundaries and challenge conventions. By staying true to your vision and passion, you can make a lasting impact in the industry and inspire others to do the same!
“My journey from performer to businesswoman has taught me valuable lessons about the intersection of creativity and commerce in the fashion industry,” said the actress known for the Munni Badnaam Hui special song. “I now understand how critical it is to strike a balance between strategic planning and creative vision, passion and pragmatism, and creativity and business savvy.”
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