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Malaika Arora expresses her fear of mouthing dialogues

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Bollywood’s iconic diva Malaika has seen it all. Captivating the hearts of millions with her stellar dance moves and spellbinding charm -the inspirational actress makes her much awaited digital debut.

She is set to give fans access to her life through unfiltered conversations in an all-new, exclusive show, Hotstar Specials’ Moving In With Malaika. Created by Banijay Asia and Malaika Arora, the series is streaming now (Monday-Thursday).

The first episode of the series opens the doors to Malaika Arora’s strengths, weaknesses and fears. She speaks her heart out about her fears and how she tries to overcome them one step at a time.

In a conversation with her manager Ekta, where she asks if Malaika was dodging a movie script because of her fear of acting, Malaika says, “I am not dodging it… I am just not sure. Honestly, it’s not so much the fear of acting, but more about the discomfort i feel in mouthing dialogues. Standing up in front of people and actually being comfortable about emoting with dialogues is something I have always been a little apprehensive about. I get a little nervous about it…So that’s probably why I shy away from it.”

Malaika further adds, “Over the years there have been loads of scripts that I have seen and read but somewhere I’ve always stayed away. Well, that’s another fear of mine. Even in school, I used to hate when I had to mug something and say it in public. I thought it was the most daunting task. I felt there was so much pressure, that it would make me feel very uneasy. I couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything if I had to learn something. So this fear of mine has just always been there.”

To know if she’d be able to overcome her fears and do the unexpected, watch. Hotstar Specials’ Moving in with Malaika exclusively streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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