Thursday, November 30, 2023

*“Many actors have come to Arunachal Pradesh, but you are the first actor to make it to the border”

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The charming state of Arunachal Pradesh left a lasting impression on actor Randeep Hooda’s recent trip there, demonstrating his deep love for the area. Hooda, who is well known for his spirit of adventure, set out on this voyage to explore the unspoiled beauty of the Northeastern state, and his passion for the location was evident as soon as he stepped foot in the verdant surroundings.

The actor also made history by becoming the first Bollywood actor to visit the last border checkpost to China, where he met with the Indian Armed Forces.

During his visit, Randeep Hooda had the privilege of meeting with the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu, the Union Minister Kiren Rijiju and MP Shri Tapir Gao Ji. Their discussions revolved around the immense tourism potential of Arunachal Pradesh and the need for sustainable development to preserve its natural treasures. Hooda expressed his commitment to supporting initiatives that promote eco-tourism and responsible travel in the region.

Talking about Randeep’s visit the honourable CM shared, “Randeep Hooda, your visit here will greatly benefit the villagers and locals here giving the tourism a much needed boost. Many actors have come to Arunachal Pradesh, but you are the first actor to make it to the border to attend a function. Thank you to everyone, especially Randeep Ji, for coming to this function”.

“I am feeling ecstatic since Hoodaji has graced us with his presence; we very rarely meet Bollywood actors here. My admiration for his work knows no bounds, as he undoubtedly ranks among the industry’s most gifted talents”, said Union Minister Kiren Rijiju.

The actor’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh not only showcased his love for nature but also his desire to contribute positively to the region’s growth.

Finally, Randeep Hooda’s recent efforts to clean up Mago Village and his historic trip to the Indo-China border post serve as examples of both his dedication to social concerns and his exceptional acting talent. His deeds encourage not only his admirers but also his fellow citizens to make a constructive contribution to society while honoring our country’s rich history and culture.

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