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Mayagadu review: The film shines in many parts

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Cast: Naveen Chandra, Pooja Jhaveri, Gayatri Suresh, Abhimanyu Singh, Kabir Duhan Singh and others
Writer and director: G Karthik Reddy
Music: Anup Rubens
Cinematographer” Venkat Gangadhari
Editor: Junai Siddiqui
Producer: Bhargav Manne

Mayagadu, starring Naveen Chandra, Pooja Jhaveri, and Gayatri Suresh and directed by GS Karthik Reddy of Adda fame, was released today. The movie is a love drama that Bhargav Manne produced under the Swati Pictures banner.

Ravi, played by Naveen Chandra, runs a CD store in Kakinada where he sells pirated movies. He portrays a playboy who is a brat, a go-getter, and who hangs out with girls. Siri (Gayatri Suresh), who learns that Ravi is distributing pirated movies, turns him over to the police. Ravi has started to follow Siri ever since. How did Siri come to love the playboy Ravi? What kind of bond does Pooja Jhaveri have with Naveen Chandra? Why is Antony (played by Abhimanyu Singh), Pooja Jhaveri’s older brother, attempting to murder Naveen Chandra? Has he ceased promoting pirated films? the rest of the narrative.

Naveen Chandra switches to a flashback at the beginning of the first half. a playboy figure who makes money after the movie’s premiere through piracy. When he is depicted as a playboy in a few episodes, it feels dragging. Ravi traps Siri, who travelled to Kakinada to attend her friend Geetha’s wedding. Pooja Jhaveri meets Naveen Chandra at the same time. Her hotness disturbs the hero, who goes around her, despite Pooja warning him that her brother is a renowened killer. Antony (Abhimanyu Singh) tries to catch while he is with his romancing his sister, but Ravi flees the scene. Even if there are only a few scenes in between them, it feels fine. The movie’s songs are not at all noteworthy. In a dramatic turn of events, Gayatri Suresh and Naveen Chandra break up just as things are heating up between them.

It’s good to watch how the playboy has evolved into a lover boy in the second off. If the narration was crisp the film would’ve been much better. That being said this is a watchable film in theatre.

Any character Naveen Chandra plays is easy for him to inhabit. He portrays a brazen romantic boy in this film, and his dialogue delivery is really good. On screen, Pooja Jhaveri dazzled with both her performance and her looks. Gayatri Suresh is seen in a traditional avatar and excels in her part. The portrayal of Abhimanyu Singh as a mentally unstable innocent killer is exceptional in every way.
A key actor in this film is Kabir Duhan Singh. He gave a strong performance.

In terms of creating and selecting the characters, director G Karthik Reddy did a terrific job, but the tale still has to be taken care of. The plot doesn’t offer anything new, yet some of the scenes are really powerful. Editing by Junaid Siddique is effective. The visuals by Venkat Gangadhari’s film have improved it. As always, Anup Rubens’ music puts in a superb show.
Rating: 3.25/5

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