Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Medak BRS nominee exudes confidence of winning the seat

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BRS nominee from Medak seat P Venkatrami Reddy has claimed that Medak is the home ground of the BRS and exuded confidence of BRS bagging the Medak seat in its kitty.
Addressing the activists of the Toopran and Manoharabad mandal units of the BRS here on Sunday, he claimed to have worked as GADA official, collector and joint collector in the region and recalled how the Gajwel constituency achieved remarkable progress putting it ahead of other regions by at least 50 years under the KCR regime.
He claimed himself to be not aware of duping the people, but jumped into the political bandwagon only to serve the public. Statehood to Telangana has been achieved deriving inspiration from Architect of Indian Constitution Dr BR Ambedkar.
He claimed to have taken no fancy for piling up of money and always focused on public service. He vowed to support the people by constituting a trust with Rs 100 crore. He promised to set up coaching centers for the youth and professional training centers for them. He promised the unemployed to create employment and livelihood opportunities. He offered to set up sewing centers for women. Therefore, he appealed to the people to bless the BRS to serve them by voting for the car symbol.

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