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‘Media magnate can exert pressure on institutions’

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PNS | Vijayawada

Vundavalli Arun Kumar, former Congress MP from Rajahmundry and a vocal critic of Ramoji Rao in the Margadarsi Chit Funds scandal, has made significant allegations regarding Ramoji Rao’s potential influence over the judiciary. Arun Kumar suggested that Rao possesses considerable sway within the judicial system and pointed out that his legal team holds the capability to wield substantial power, including the ability to secure imprisonments.

Arun Kumar questioned the adamant stance of Ramoji Rao and his daughter-in-law Kiran, who insist that the Margadarsi scam case should solely be heard within the Telangana high court, despite the fact that the violation of the Chit Fund Act occurred in Andhra Pradesh.

“This insistence strongly implies that Ramoji Rao might possess the capacity to exert influence within the Telangana judiciary,” Arun Kumar asserted. He further alleged that the media magnate employs his newspaper and media outlets as tools for pressuring institutions, effectively engaging in blackmail.

Arun Kumar went on to demand transparency from the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) authorities, urging them to release any videos related to the interrogation of Ramoji Rao and Sailaja. He contended, “In order to unveil the depths of the scam, their arrest is necessary. If Adireddy Appa Rao could be apprehended in connection with the Chit Fund case, then why is Ramoji Rao exempt?”

Highlighting the substantial disparity between the funds deposited by individuals into Margadarsi and the company’s reported cash balances, Arun Kumar called for a comprehensive investigation into the scandal. He advanced his allegations further, asserting that Ramoji Rao unlawfully encroached upon villagers’ lands to establish Ramoji Film City. “The establishment of RFC could potentially be considered illegal, as Ramoji Rao is believed to have acquired land in violation of the Land Ceiling Act,” he argued.

Arun Kumar also brought attention to the current valuation of the lands occupied by Ramoji Rao, suggesting that their worth now exceeds Rs 2 lakh crore. In light of this, he urged the government to promptly reclaim these lands.

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