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Microsite on PM Modi’s mother celebrates unwavering spirit of motherhood

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‘Maa’, a microsite on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official website, that pays tribute to the memory of his mother and celebrates the unwavering spirit of motherhood has been launched. Heeraba Modi, mother of Prime Minister Modi, passed away on December 30 last year. Condolences and heartfelt sympathies had poured in from around the world following her passing away.

The microsite ‘Maa’, which is dedicated to Heeraba, celebrates the unwavering spirit of motherhood and pays tribute to her memory, officials said. It was launched as a tribute to the memory of the prime minister’s mother as people across the globe observed the International Women’s Day on March 8.

The site captures the love and unbreakable bond shared between a mother and her son as well as carries videos and selected quotes of Heeraba that convey the teachings she imparted to her children. It also features Prime Minister Modi’s special blog, which he wrote for his mother as she approached her 100th year.

There is also an audio version of the blog narrated in Hindi. Heeraba Modi’s life and journey are captured in four sections of the website – life in public domain, nation remembers, the world condoles and celebrating motherhood. In the section ‘life in public domain’, photographs and videos illustrate the humble and simple life of Heeraba. This section also contains quotes from various blogs and interviews with Prime Minister Modi on his mother as well as public artwork celebrating their bond.

Under the ‘nation remembers’ section, one can find thoughtful condolence messages sent out in her memory. The ‘world condoles’ section carries a collection of tweets from several prominent world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau, expressing their condolences to Prime Minister Modi on the passing away of Heeraba.

The ‘celebrating motherhood’ is a unique page dedicated to creating and sending personalised e-cards for mothers. Cards bearing Prime Minister Modi’s signature can be customised with his quotes for his mother. People can choose any template and can add a special personalised message on the cards.The microsite appears on PM Modi’s official website,, as well as on his personal app, the Narendra Modi App.

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