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Mike failure reflects incompetence of allies

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Minister for Irrigation, Ambati Rambabu, expressed dismay over the malfunctioning of the microphone during the ‘Praja Galam’ public meeting in Chilakaluripet, attributing it to the incompetence of party leaders. He strongly objected to the blame laid on security personnel for the technical failure.
Speaking at a press conference held in Sattenapalli on Tuesday, Ambati Rambabu questioned the rationale behind holding security personnel responsible for the failure of the public address system. He criticised the attempt by party leaders to sensationalize the ‘Praja Galam’ meeting, which ultimately faltered.

The leaders of the coalition failed to orchestrate the ‘Praja Galam’ meeting, despite the Prime Minister’s attendance, yet they shifted blame onto security personnel. This failure, according to Ambati Rambabu, exposed their inadequacies.
Labelling Chandrababu Naidu a manipulator, the minister asserted that national leaders were well aware of Naidu’s true nature. He reminded the public of former Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy’s initiatives, expressing concerns that Naidu, if in power, might abolish existing reservations for Muslims.
Ambati Rambabu highlighted past instances where Naidu had criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi after exiting the NDA in 2017, only to later ally with him. Similarly, Pawan Kalyan had previously criticized both Naidu and Modi, yet now the three leaders have joined forces for political gain.
Reflecting on Pawan Kalyan’s earlier characterization of Modi’s special package as ‘stale laddu’, the minister pointed out the inconsistency in his current praise for Modi. He emphasized that the people of the state were discerning enough not to be swayed by such political manoeuvring.
Asserting the enduring popularity of Jagan Mohan Reddy among the people, Ambati Rambabu stated that the image of Jagan Reddy would remain etched in their hearts. He also claimed that the YSRCP government had provided house sites to over 31 lakh people, a feat unprecedented by any previous administration.

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