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Minister Dharmana condemns Oppn’s ‘media manipulation’

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State Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao has launched a scathing criticism against the alleged media machinations of the Chandrababu-led Opposition, accusing them of exacerbating the plight of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, widows, disabled individuals, single women, and kidney patients in the State. Rao’s remarks came amidst his participation in the ‘Rajakula Atmiya Sammelan’ in Srikakulam district, where YSRCP MP candidate Perada Tilak also addressed the gathering.
Highlighting the issue of delayed pension distribution to the elderly and disabled, Minister Dharmana accused Chandrababu Naidu’s faction of orchestrating conspiracies aimed at hindering welfare initiatives. He contended that such tactics were reminiscent of Chandrababu’s previous tenure when he lacked political power.
Moreover, Rao alleged that Chandrababu’s administration had disparaged volunteers as “thieves and rowdies” over the past five years, warning that a return to power for such leadership would spell further hardships for the populace. In contrast, he lauded Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s non-partisan approach to governance, emphasising the delivery of welfare schemes irrespective of caste, religion, or political affiliation.
Asserting the commitment of the Jagan-led government to the welfare of all citizens, Minister Dharmana criticised Opposition figures like Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu for what he deemed as superficial engagement with the State’s issues, alleging that they only become active during election periods. He underscored the government’s initiative in providing housing for Rajakulams in Srikakulam constituency, signalling a tangible commitment to grassroots development. Rao cautioned against the potential return of Chandrababu’s administration, portraying it as a regression from the inclusive governance model championed by the incumbent government under Jagan Mohan Reddy’s leadership.

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