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Ministers invoke Naidu to target Revanth

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Ministers targeted Revanth Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday. In a back-to-back press meets conducted at BRSLP office, Ministers termed Revanth as a traitor and called him out for doing politics over Gaddar’s death. At 4 pm, Minister Srinivas Goud said, “PCC has become a Payments Collection Centre at the behest of Revanth who is the collection king. Wasn’t Chandrababu the reason behind the firing on Gaddar? You are a friend of Chandrababu…Chandrababu is a traitor of Telangana. You are a traitor of Telangana as u r his friend. Revanth made crores by using RTI and that’s why he joined the Congress which gave RTI. PCC means Pradesh Criminal Centre”. Revanth Reddy said that BRS is seeking to benefit from invoking the past owing to its realisation that it will not get more than 25 seats in the next Assembly polls on Tuesday.

Around 3 pm, Minister Satyavathi Rathod held a press meet in BRSLP office. She said, “Revanth is saying knicker and liquor party united, but yours is a cheater party. Revanth is digging grave for the Congress. Under the leadership of Revanth, Congress situation will be worse that 2018 in the upcoming 2023 elections. Congress is unable to field candidates in 10 constituencies. Gaddar is everyone’s man. If Gaddar belongs to Congress, then why did he join K A Paul party?”

It may be mentioned here that Revanth said, “BRS tried to target the Congress by singularly targeting and focusing on me, citing my stint with the TDP. While I joined the party after becoming an MLC, KCR was the follower of Chandrababu Naidu”.

At 1 pm, in a press meet, Minister Niranjan Reddy said, “Revanth followed Chandrababu who put forward the “two eyes theory” and did not support Telangana. During the separate Telangana movement, Chandrababu had said that Telangana and Andhra were like his two eyes. Even the Congress workers are unable to agree to Revanth’s language. KCR is also appreciated by the people of the neighbouring state. Why didn’t Revanth keep his word of political retirement if he loses Kodangal?”

At 11am, Minister Jagadish Reddy said, “Not only Jagan but also Chandrababu was hosted in Pragati Bhavan. We have no enmity with anyone after coming to Telangana. Revanth wants to do Pinda Pradhan not to KCR but Telangana. Revanth is dancing to the tunes of Telangana traitors. Revanth is the president of an uncultured party that did not perform proper funeral rites for Telangana’s son and former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao”.

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