Friday, December 1, 2023

Modi tried to grab media space?

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PNS | Hyderabad

The timing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s revelation about KCR wanting to join the NDA has come into question. Political analysts say that the PM tried to grab media space by making sensational allegations at a time when the Congress graph is rising in the state. A triangular fight will benefit only the BRS. Before Modi’s visit it was almost the BRS vs the Congress with almost no chance for the BJP.

Modi’s back to back tour of two days and his sensational statements is being seen as an attempt to give the much needed push to the BJP after the huge losses the party suffered due to the recent change in its state leadership.

In fact, on Wednesday, BJP leaders held back to back press meets but they seemed almost futile. Some of the prominent BJP Telangana leaders reportedly knew about the Modi-KCR meeting and were informed soon after GHMC elections.

However, neither the state leaders nor national leaders spoke about it, even when temperatures were high. Political analysts question the removal of Sanjay from the State BJP President post when the party knew the potential he had created during the GHMC elections.

Political analysts ask that if the BRS needed the BJP’s support in the GHMC elections, why wasn’t this exposed when Sanjay was arrested or dragged to Karimnagar Jail?.
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