Monday, June 24, 2024

Modi’s appeal transcends party lines: Vishweshwar Reddy

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Addressing a public meeting at Lakshma Reddy Guda in Chevella, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, BJP candidate for the Chevella Lok Sabha constituency, emphasised that the upcoming election is not about individuals such as Revanth Reddy, KCR, or KTR. It is an important election because it is intended to give Narendra Modi as Prime Minister third term. Reddy asserted that there is no competition for Modi, stating that the entire country desires Modi’s leadership, with no viable opponent in sight. He questioned if anyone could match Modi’s stature and effectiveness in governance.
While some may mention Rahul Gandhi as a potential contender, Reddy dismissed this notion, referring to Gandhi’s departure from his constituency in UP to Kerala as evidence of his inability to provide a credible challenge to Modi.
The prevailing sentiment across the entire country is a firm belief that Narendra Modi will secure another term as Prime Minister. This sentiment transcends party lines with even members of the Congress and supporters of the BRS acknowledging and accepting this likelihood.
It has been four months since the Congress was  elected  to power, but there was little progress. The Congress leaders once again sought votes by claiming credit for developmental initiatives undertaken by the Central government, such as ensuring minimum support price for crop, providing urea, distributing light bulbs, constructing roads, establishing Rythu Vedikas and developing burial grounds.

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