Saturday, June 15, 2024

Monday Mirchi : A small step, but a giant leap towards fair polls

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Change need not come with hungama for people to feel the difference. Any official with initiative can bring a small change with far-reaching consequences in his own sphere of influence. The SAMARTH app, launched by Bapatla SP Vakul Jindal, is a case in point. SAMARTH (security arrangement mapping analysis response tracking hub) is so designed that, should there be any untoward incident at any of the polling centers or at other places on the day of polling, the police officers in the vicinity will be alerted so that they can immediately reach the spot and maintain law and order. As its name suggests, it is a powerful tool with multi-tasking abilities. The SAMARTH mobile app serves as a real-time application for the authorities to track location of personnel, maintain vigil on problematic polling stations, call the control room directly from the app, and immediately reach police forces in troubled areas. It has the numbers and all essential details relating to all the police officers in the district.

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