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Monday Mirchi : Has Smita had enough in Telangana?

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Former CMO secretary Smita Sabharwal now wants to go on deputation to the Centre. Given her eager attempts in that direction, very soon she could be given some position that can extricate her from Telangana, where her writ ran until the regime change. The Congress government is not keen either on keeping her in the state. For newbies, Smita had been former CM K Chandrasekhar Rao’s secretary since 2 June 2014 until he demitted office. Although the Congress government seems to have sidelined her, she has been getting invitations from people to attend events and be the guest of honour. The grapevine has it that seeking deputation is a common practice, though the ascent of another young bureaucrat, who had returned to Telangana after the Congress came to power in the state, may have triggered Smita’s quest.
Jawahar goes by the rule book for a senior official, it pays to go by the rule book always. He or she need not be beholden to their political masters or their progeny. It is being bandied about that AP Chief Secretary KS Jawahar Reddy “is not cooperating with the YSRCP government”. With the Model Code of Conduct in place, his recent elevation to the post of CS ought not to make any difference to the YSRCP government. What if some in the government are upset with the attitude of Jawahar? A stickler for rules, Jawahar, after all, has the distinction of being the only officer who had served even in YSR regime of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. At the end of the day, he remains untainted by choice.

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