Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Money is not tainted. What if the one to whom it belongs is?

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“One man’s meat is another man’s poison,” goes a proverb. In politics, ideological battles may choke investment pipelines. But a tactful, seasoned bureaucrat knows where and whom to tap for opening or unblocking investment pipelines. In Telangana, everyone knows that Jayesh Ranjan is behind the recent investments being funneled into TS via Davos. Bureaucratic circles are discussing on how Jayesh vindicated his stance vis-à-vis former minister KT Rama Rao, while proving to be Revanth Reddy’s man Friday at WEF. A little bird told us that Jayesh had pitched Adani’s investment plans even to the previous government. However, they did not materialise since it had gone against the political agenda of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi party. It is a different matter that Revanth Reddy, by tapping funds from ‘tainted’ Gautam Adani, whom his party leader Rahul Gandhi accuses of indulging in crony capitalism, has put the Congress in a fix ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. But who knows what will happen next. For, money, regardless of the ‘taint’ sticking to its owner, makes many things. In Telangana, the fact is that Revanth has made it a lot bigger than KTR.

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