Friday, February 23, 2024

MP Bharat demands Pawan’s apology to volunteers

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The ruling YSRCP MP Margani Bharat said that the volunteer system in the state today is a fully transparent system hence the evil quartet including Pawan conspired to destroy this system which gives the government a good name among the people without caste, religion and party biases and without bribes anywhere.

He asked Pawan to clear his stand on why he wants the corrupt Janmabhoomi Committees to restart that had worked during Naidu’s reign with full corruption.

MP Bharat said, “Everyone understands how arrogant and Naidu’s adopted son Pawan Kalyan is when he compares volunteers with drug bottle rates.

It should be considered that he is definitely campaigning against the people.

It is as if Pawan Kalyan is campaigning against 51 lakh farmers who are taking the Rythu Bharosa scheme in the state. In other words, Pawan Kalyan had badly campaigned about the benefits of the government welfare schemes to the people through the volunteers and all the beneficiaries of the respective government schemes are waiting to give a befitting reply to Pawan Kalyan.”

The MP stated, “Pawan Kalyan, who called volunteers brokers and criminals, was afraid of the backlash of the protest of volunteers across the state for the last two days. Hence he is changing his voice stating Volunteers are like brothers to him. Pawan Kalyan is indulging in crazy and heedless talk because of the fear of our party’s resounding victory in the upcoming elections.”

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