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‘Mr. Pregnant is a must-watch movie for all families’

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Filmmakers Appireddy, Venkat Annapareddy, and Ravinder Reddy Sajjala have made a name for themselves as passionate producers by producing various films under the banner of Mic Movies. They have now come up with another new concept movie Mr. Pregnant. Directed by Srinivas Vinjanampati, Mr. Pregnant starring Syed Sohel Ryan and Roopa Kodavayur is releasing on 18th of this month. This movie is being released in Nizam area by Mythri Movie Distributors, a leading distribution company. Producers Appireddy, Venkat Annapareddy and Ravinder Reddy Sajjala interacted with media today about the film Mr. Pregnant.

Producer Appireddy shared, “Be it Slum Dog Husband, or Mr. Pregnant, we have produced the film after finding novelty in the script. I like the mother sentiment in this story. But some friends in the industry said that this movie is like a double-edged sword, because of the theme of male pregnancy. It is a challenging script, but we went ahead. We watched the movie recently and the output has come out the way we had expected.”

The producer had also shared that Mythri Movie Distributors who had recently seen the film, have appreciated the film, which has made the team confident about the film. Shravan Bharadwaj’s music will be the attraction of the film.

Along with the banner, the makers are hoping to work with big actors. However, due to time constraints, it’s becoming difficult for them to approach.

Meanwhile, producer Venkat Annapareddy shared, “Initially, we thought of different heroes for the movie Mr. Pregnant. But when we saw Sohel in BiggBoss who impressively showed emotion and strategy in those games, we thought that he would be a good hero for this story. He looks good in this movie. Male pregnant character is very unique. This movie should not be seen in commercial movie format. Many people have shared their experiences with us after watching Mr Pregnant. Lot of them said that they should have taken better care of thier wife during her pregnancy. So it becomes a film that makes them think personally.”

“Even if it comes in English, it was done experimentally or based on comedy. After we started this movie, this type of movie came in Bollywood. But Mr. Pregnant is unique. The audience will enjoy the movie with emotions and entertainment,”shared Producer Ravinder Reddy Sajjala.

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