Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mrudhu Bhaave Dhruda Kruthye from Kannur Squad hits the right chord

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Malayalam superstar Mammootty’s new crime-thriller film ‘Kannur Squad’ has released the music video for its latest track ‘Mrudhu Bhaave Dhruda Kruthye’, a very pleasing and soothing track which is just pure joy to listen to.

‘Mrudhu Bhaave Dhruda Kruthye’ employs a very soulful aesthetic, with the delightful singing of Sushin Shyam being pleasant and yet having a somewhat somber tone.

The music video in itself does not give away much of what the film is about, except that Mammootty and his crew, all of whom are from Kerala police, are headed off in a police van on a long road trip.

This trip leads from Kerala to Mumbai, before they finally reach the city of Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. Throughout the video, we just see them on a road trip where they later get a call from a Mumbai police constable who says that they have a gift for him.

The gift turns out to be a criminal, who they have beaten black and blue, which sends the superstar into a small fit of laughter. Later they make several stops to roadside food tracks, drink some tea, eat some food and then head off once again.

All the while the police squad from Kannur is on their road trip, there is a gentle acoustic soundtrack playing behind them with some heavy hitting notes from synthesisers to give a more ethereal feel to the song.

The track is a beautifully composed mixture of classical Malayalam music combined with some electronic, pop, small hints of rock, synth-pop and even glimpses of symphonic music.Sushin Shyam, who is also the composer of the song, has gone for a more experimental production.

The soundtrack is pleasing and so is the production, nothing is overdone or underdone in the sound design indicating a very careful mix and mastering from the producers.‘Kannur Squad’ hit the theatres on September 28 and has currently garnered critical acclaim.

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