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‘My family to date does not treat me as a star’

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Actress Mrunal Thakur has undeniably enraptured hearts through not just her films but also the person that she is. This week, The Pioneer’s Tejal Sinha speaks to the star over an open-heart candid chat as she speaks of her journey, fashion, and more.
Tejal Sinha
Though, just in her initial years, Mrunal Thakur had taken over the Indian Television Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Bulbul in Kumkum Bhagya, she has had her own share of struggles and challenges, as they call them. Well, looking back at her journey so far, she has had a very inspiring one, which again proves that when one has the zeal and a never-give-up attitude, one can achieve the unexpected or even the high.
The journey from television to movies for any actor is said to be a learning curve, and so has it been for the sensational star. Television, she says, was such a turning point because “I’ve learned everything from there. I did not go to any acting schools. I learned everything about lighting, fashion, hair, makeup, outfits, and how to deliver my dialogue on my own, and it’s really beautiful. I never thought that I would work in Telugu, Marathi, or Hindi movies. I’m just taking one step at a time.”
Moving forward, her journey into the filmy world began with Love Sonia, a film that was very intense and grim. With the success of that film itself, she was looked at differently and as a different person altogether.
“Through the kind of scripts I pick,” says the Sita Ramam star and continues, “I always make sure that it either starts a conversation or there’s something positive about it. I know Love Sonia was heartbreaking, but at the same time, I looked at it as a ray of hope. Even if five girls are saved after watching that film, it’s a win-win situation for me, and my mission is accomplished.”
Her hard work and dedication have paid off in such a way that today, she’s one of the actors who has had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented actors, including Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan.
Recently, she was here in Hyderabad for the Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion NXT, being the showstopper for the renowned designer JJ Valaya. The outfit that she wore, depicted royalty. “There was gloss and glam, and something that I can totally nail and wear to the red carpet. It was bringing in global trends and inculcating them into our traditional looks. For example, the kind of look I’m wearing today is so rooted but yet has a futuristic approach. It’s a beautiful black saree with a classic JJ Valaya black and white jacket. I absolutely can’t wait to wear something like this on a global platform as well. I’m super excited to pair up my gorgeous modern outfit with some beautiful traditional jewellery,” describes the Super 30 star.
Again, it was because of the fashion show that she got to come to her favourite city and her favourite designer. Talking of her love for jewellery, Hyderabad is her go-to place, when it comes to pearls, and she loves pearls. “Whenever my friends are getting married, the only thing I do is go to the jewellery stores and pick up the jewellery either for me, my family, or my friends. Also, the temples in Hyderabad are so beautiful. Sometimes, after a long day, if I have a day off, I would want to spend my day at these temples that feel like a second home to me. This time I was very excited to be in Hyderabad, as it wasmy third time walking for JJ Valaya.”
Her fashion game has always been up-to-date by keeping up with the wonderful collections that the designers come up with. For her, fashion is a necessity, and the way you style it can also look like luxury.
From Nashik to Cannes, she says, “I just surrender to my stylist, so I’m just going with the flow. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done, so I’m evolving every day, and I must.”
Irrespective of all the love and fame that she has received, one cannot ignore her groundedness, something that has been rare. And to this, she gleefully enthused with a smile on her face, “I honestly feel like there are days where people pretend, and I feel like I’m really bad at pretending. I am what I am. I don’t want to have that façade. I make sure that the child within me is alive. Maybe it’s the way my family has raised me because, till today, they have not treated me like a star. Of course, they pamper me, but there are times where I am just me, and I would like to be the same.”
The kinds of projects that she is and has been doing have been undeniably different from one another. Her first project itself, she says, was one of the most challenging roles, followed by Sita Ramam, which was in a different language altogether.
Well, she’s also been very vocal about being conscious and comfortable with one’s own body and the clothes they choose to wear. Our star for the day of our Celeb Talk column, who has full-on commercial films coming up, signs off the interview, saying, “People are now embracing their curves, and I’m so happy about that. They’re not dressing up; they’re just looking at someone because their body type and the person that they are inspired by could be different. So, I think yes, people are practicing body positivity, and I make sure that I wear what I feel. I want it to be comfortable and lovely at the same time.”
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