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‘My neighborhood in Hyd is way too maddening’

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Hyderabad’s very own diva Urmila Chauhan, gets candid with The Pioneer this week for our weekly column of Hyderabond, sharing her association with the city, the beauty pageant culture in Hyderabad.
Our very own Hyderabadi girl, Urmila Chauhan, participated in the most coveted beauty pageant and won the Miss Femina Telangana 2023 title. Hyderabad city has got a new beauty queen, Yahoo! We caught up with her for our special weekly segment, Hyderabond, in an exclusive chit-chat, where she spoke about having a soft spot for the city and more.
“Leaving my home owned and preserved by my ancestors, my family turned up in Hyderabad for good. So since the cadence of my grandfather, we have been settled here, precisely near Nagarjuna Sagar.
I was born in Yacharam — and surprisingly, it was a home delivery. Due to various reasons, my mother had to deliver right there in the house of Yacharam. As it happens, my father was a truck driver, and he wasn’t in the village, so my mother had to go through this process all alone. The difficulties were extreme.
Up to this time, it’s still the most important place to me because my grandfather passed away in the same village. The reminiscences are unforgettable. And unfortunately, this happened during the family dispute. There was nothing left there, so we came down to Hyderabad, and now we are residing in Gayatri Nagar. Although I have a temporary home in Golf Perch and a much better lifestyle, I tell you,” shared the former cabin crew member.
She wasn’t wary of her enormous vision, and as much as she wanted the platform, she was equally inquisitive about the process. Humble beginnings do exist; she’s an example of it from our very own city. However, there’s more to her story: “Now that it’s an abandoned area, the neighborhood becomes way too maddening to be with them. That neighborhood has an insensitive discussion about women. I am modeling; I do shoots, so obviously I will dress up and look glamorous. That turns into a blunder and a nightmare for my mother.
There have been times when my mother has felt insulted and she’s asked me to shift, but I couldn’t take it. I understood what mom was going through; I made a shift, and it’s okay.” It’s tough, really! Sometimes one doesn’t feel like waking up or maybe cooking for oneself.
The popular model from Hyderabad continued, “Who said I wasn’t a model before? I was.
The only difference is that I wasn’t called the chief guest, which has changed since I won the title for the city. My life has changed so much that I am earning a monthly income in a day—a fabulous living. Six years ago, I was an air hostess. I never want to go back to that life. Passengers do not know who Urmila is. Presently, I am known for my achievement; that’s why I am Miss Femina India.”
The entertainment business back in Hyderabad is definitely reaping some benefits, and why not? She’s on the lookout for some Telugu movies! And that’s when we get into the intricacies of it. “I have been getting offers, but character roles aren’t as meaty as I was expecting them to be. Hence, I declined! I know I am not at the point of choosing and being picky, but the career is mine, and I would love to give it a decent start. What say? Finalization is pending. Moreover, I am representing this state now, so I cannot go wrong anywhere. It’s a matter of pride, no matter what anyone else has to say. I am in papers!”
One thing that she’s been noticing quite a few times when it comes to the beauty pageant culture of Hyderabad is the very reality wherein, “Earlier, as mere models, there was no limelight on us. We were just called to be “there”. We barely clicked! Many times I felt cornered amongst other main models. This culture can improve in Hyderabad. Hyderabadi girls do not have any idea about how to apply for a beauty pageant; I have proofs. Very soon, I’ll be starting something of my own to spread this awareness among young Hyderabadi pottis. Even if they are underprivileged! To be a beauty queen, you don’t need money; just say it.”
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