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‘My role in Nindha is stark departure from who I am in real life’

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After appearing in the Telugu reality show Bigg Boss with his wife Vithika Sheru, actor Varun Sandesh is trying to grab everyone’s attention once again with his movies.
With Michael, the actor has made heads turn towards him. Now he is back with the film Nindha and the movie is carrying a lot of buzz. The already released content gave Varun a heap of confidence in the film’s success, as it had only received positive reviews so far.
Varun Sandesh, the charismatic lead of this upcoming thriller, sits down to unravel the enigma behind the film. Under the direction and production of Rajesh Jagannadham, Nindha promises to be a departure from the ordinary, drawing inspiration from true events woven into a narrative that challenges the conventions of suspense cinema.
Beginning with talking about what made him accept this role in Nindha, he expressed, “I was at a point where I craved something different from the usual. Rajesh narrated this gripping story during a pivotal moment in my career and I knew instantly that Nindha was the path I wanted to tread next.”
Speaking about his character, he continued, “My role in Nindha is a stark departure from who I am in real life. While I’m generally laid-back and cheerful, this character demanded a deeper, more serious portrayal. It was a refreshing challenge.”
The actor is known to play boy next door characters. In fact, his claim to fame was feel-good and youthful films like Happy Days and Kotha Bangaru Lokam, among others. Now playing a role in a thriller like this comes with its own challenges for the actor. However, he didn’t let any of it disturb the movie’s schedule in any way, including his injury that happened while shooting the film. Recalling the incident, the Induvadana actor shared, “During the shoot, I faced an injury from a previous project. However, Rajesh’s dedication inspired me to persevere. I didn’t want my injury to stall the momentum of such a meticulously crafted film.”
This movie is being directed and produced by Rajesh Jagannadham, which gave Varun Sandesh more confidence along with the captivating narrative. He feels this film has an innovative narrative approach, as he explained, “Nindha isn’t your typical thriller. The screenplay keeps you on the edge with its unpredictability. None of us, including the cast, knew the full story until the very end, enhancing the authenticity of our performances. From Santhu Omkar’s evocative background score to Ramiz’s stunning cinematography, every technical aspect of Nindha is crafted to elevate the suspense and intrigue.”
He added, “Working with Rajesh has been incredibly rewarding. He’s not just a director, but a friend who shares the same passion for storytelling. Our collaboration has truly enriched my journey in cinema.”
The movie is being released by Mythri Movies and the actor couldn’t be any happier for the support he has been receiving from the production house. In one line, he said, “Mythri Movies’ decision to release Nindha speaks volumes about the film’s quality.”
Looking ahead, the actor confessed that he has an exciting lineup of films ahead. “There’s a completely different project in the works, slated for release soon. Each role I take up allows me to explore new dimensions as an actor,” concluded Varun Sandesh, who is excited for the release of his movie Nindha on June 21.


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