Thursday, November 30, 2023

My victory is a foregone conclusion, says Bhatti

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“People are well aware of stones and gems. As I am a gem, the people of Madhira gave me victory three times. Mistakenly understood KCR as a gem, people have borne him for 10 years. Realising his image now they got ready to bash him into pulp,” said Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka.
Addressing a news conference at Banapuram in Mudigonda mandal on Tuesday, he said, “Let hundred KCRs come, they cannot stop women’s support to me” and “cannot buy people of Madhira.” People have already decided to choose a person who is going to set a direction and stage to the State. “You, your son or son-in-law together come, you cannot defeat me. People will repulse your plots,” he added.
He wanted to know from KCR and BRS leaders why they were criss-crossing the State when they were confident of Congress getting limited to 20 seats.
KCR’s statement that Congress was going to be defeated is ridiculous. As KCR was not confident of his victory in Gajwel he fled to Kamareddy, he remarked.
“Congress is going to secure more than 75 seats and our party high command will decide the chief minister. Chief Minister KCR granted Dalit Bandhu to Madhira as he is scared of me. He viewed Dalit Bandhu from the angle of votes,” said Bhatti.
He went on to say that he didn’t loot Madhira, instead developed the constituency.
Sonia Gandhi ensured allotment of four per cent more current to Telangana at the time of bifurcation of combined State of Andhra Pradesh, he said, and expressed the hope that he was going to retain Madhira with 40 to 50,000 majority.

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