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Nagababu in fake voter registration row JSP reportedly applied for 53 fake votes under the same door number

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Amidst complaints from YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) leaders against the opposition TDP for alleged enrollment of bogus voters in Andhra Pradesh, the Jana Sena Party (JSP) seems to be treading a similar path. Reports indicate that Konidela Nagendra Babu (Nagababu), the elder brother of Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, has submitted his application for enrollment in the electoral roll in Andhra Pradesh.
Naga Babu’s application has stirred discussions among political analysts, particularly because he was recently witnessed exercising his franchise in the Telangana Assembly elections. In the Telangana polls, Konidela Nagababu (serial number 323), Konidela Padmaja (serial number 324), and Sai Varun Tej (serial number 325) exercised their voting rights at Polling Booth No 168 in Khairatabad assembly constituency.
Notably, Nagendra Babu applied for voter registration in Andhra Pradesh using a door number that belongs to Dasari Kiran Kumar, the official spokesperson of the Jana Sena Party. Shockingly, the JSP has reportedly applied for 53 fake votes under the same door number. In a recent development, members of the Konidela family have submitted Form-6 for new voter registration from Vaddeswaram in the Mangalagiri Assembly segment, leaving locals perplexed as the news of their application submission went viral.
YSRCP Mahila Wing spokesperson, Bandi Punyaseela, stated that YSRCP leaders have consistently accused opposition parties of registering fake votes in Andhra Pradesh. She said that this incident is a clear example, pointing out that JSP’s general secretary Nagababu applied for voter registration in Andhra Pradesh after casting his vote in Hyderabad.

Punyaseela suggested that, having failed to secure deposits in the constituencies contested in Telangana, the JSP might resort to such illicit methods to secure at least deposits in the Andhra Pradesh elections.
The YSRCP spokesperson revealed that the party’s MPs have already filed complaints with the Election Commission of India regarding irregularities and fake voter registration by opposition leaders. Furthermore, she affirmed their intention to file a complaint with the State Election Commission, urging stern action.
The ball is now in the State Election Commission’s court as the public awaits their response to this contentious issue.

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