Monday, July 22, 2024

Nagbabu, Ambati trade charges on Twitter

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The verbal duel between Minister for Irrigation Ambati Rambabu and Jana Sena Party (JSP) leader K Nagababu continued on Twitter.

Minister Ambati Rambabu, as part of his Sankranti celebrations, danced with some women in Sattenapalli on Bhogi day. The minister’s dance with women went viral on social media. The minister and Nagababu traded satirical barbs on Twitter.

Responding to the dance of Minister Ambari Rambabu with some women, Nagababu tweeted “Sambarala Rambabu Garu, you have danced well. The dance would have been more wonderful, if you had completed the construction of the Polavaram project.” Nagababu tagged the dancing byte of the minister.

Responding to Nagababu’s comment on his dance, the minister said, “As you and your younger brother (Pawan Kalyan) said, I am Sambarala Rambabu…but I do not apply colour to my face. I do not dance for a package.”

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