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Naidu promises 10L interest-free loans

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Says TDP-led NDA in AP committed to 3 free LPG cylinders & ‘Super Six’ prog

TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday promised to ensure equal importance for women along with men in all legislative bodies once the TDP-led NDA forms the government in the State following the ongoing elections.
During an interaction with women in Gajapathinagaram of Vizianagaram district, Naidu also committed to providing Rs 10 lakh interest-free loans for all DWCRA groups. Criticising Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for his alleged failure to address basic needs such as clean drinking water, Naidu accused him of prioritising the doorstep delivery of alcohol and drugs instead. Naidu emphasised that the State’s progress hinges on removing CM Jagan from power and asserted that the TDP is the key to creating lasting assets and fostering development across all sectors.

 Expressing satisfaction with the enthusiastic response  women in Gajapathinagaram, Naidu asserted that women’s empowerment is a core value of the TDP. He urged them to elect Kalisetti Appala Naidu for the Lok Sabha seat and Konpalli Srinivas as the NDA candidate for the Assembly by a significant margin.
Highlighting the DWCRA system’s role in empowering women economically, Naidu vowed to reinforce the program upon returning to power. Recalling various schemes introduced during the TDP’s tenure, Naidu envisioned a future where women enjoy equal representation alongside men in legislative bodies.
Lamenting the steep rise in commodity prices since CM Jagan assumed office, Naidu blamed him for incidents like the sale of counterfeit liquor leading to the loss of lives, including those of women. He decried the increase in crimes against women during the past five years under the current administration.

Assuring the implementation of promises like providing three free cooking gas cylinders per household, Naidu reiterated his commitment to uplift women through initiatives like the ‘Super-Six’ programme. He said that the TDP-led NDA government would focus on creating assets and generating employment opportunities for the youth over the next five years.

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