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Naidu promises Godavari water for Rayalaseema

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The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), if it comes to power in the State, will take measures to supply the Godavari water for Rayalaseema, promised TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday. Addressing a public gathering as part of Praja Galam campaign at Raptadu, Chandrababu assured the youth of providing 20 lakh jobs in five years and said his first signature will be on the Meda District Selection Committee (DSC). To instil confidence among the Backward Classes (BCs) in the State, the TDP chief promised to bring in legislation for the safety and security of the community, besides formulating a sub-plan.
The farmers are the backbone of the State. The NDA will make the farming community monarchs by providing them with drip irrigation and subsidies, Chandrababu said. At the same time, he told the people to shoulder the responsibility to save the State from this destructive rule. “Since only 46 days are left, you all should come forward to shoulder this responsibility to save the State from this anarchic regime,” Chandrababu said.

Since these elections are crucial for the future of the State, the alliance parties jointly entered the fray, he said. Fondly recalling the services of late Paritala Ravindra as the TDP leader for the people of this region, Chandrababu made a fervent appeal to the people to extend their support to rebuild the State which was destroyed in these five years.
“We will encourage the farmers to generate power in their own lands to meet their needs and if necessary supply to others,” he said. Maintaining that the people’s weakness is the strength of CM Jagan, he said that this is the reason as to why he has been raising the prices of liquor quite frequently. What happened to the promise made by CM Jagan that he would impose total prohibition in the State, Chandrababu asked.
Expressing concern that the prices of petrol and diesel, too, are skyrocketing now, Chandrababu said that once the NDA forms the government, jobs will be provided to the youth and industries will be invited to set up their units here to create more employment. “My promise to you all is that 20 lakh jobs will be provided in the next five years,” he added.
It is the TDP that has categorised the Madigas as A, B, C and D, Chandrababu said and promised to take up their district-wise categorisation too. “Support our alliance and I will work for the welfare of all sections. People should emerge victorious in these elections and the State should move forward. I will take the responsibility to give proper recognition to you all once our government is in place,” the TDP chief told the huge gathering at Raptadu.

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