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Naidu shamelessly targeted poor pensioners: Perni

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Vijayawada: In a scathing attack, former minister Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) has accused opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu of being adept at manipulating words and infamous for his ‘Use and Throw’ policy. Nani alleged that Naidu, solely driven by political motives, has shamelessly targeted impoverished pensioners. He questions the origins of the complaints against volunteers to the EC, asserting that it was TDP sympathisers who lodged them to sideline volunteers. Chandrababu’ Naidu’s desperate bid to regain power sees him resorting to manipulation, utilising figures like Purandeswari and Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, disregarding their true intentions, according to Nani. He reminds the public of Nimmagadda’s controversial tenure as Election Commissioner and emphasised Chandrababu’s exploitative view of the poor as mere vote banks.
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Nani criticised Chandrababu’s 14-year tenure as CM, accusing him of neglecting the impoverished while harbouring ambitions to reclaim power through any means necessary.
Nani suggests that Chandrababu’s fear of volunteers indicates his reliance on them to maintain public support. He highlights Chandrababu’s failed attempts to curb volunteer efforts and distribute pensions, asserting that halting pension distributions is an impractical endeavour. Nani questions Chandrababu Naidu’s sudden interest in doorstep pension distribution, implying opportunism rather than genuine concern for beneficiaries.
Recalling Chandrababu’s history of contradictory alliances, Nani highlighted the leader’s flip-flopping between criticising PM Modi and forming alliances with him. He also references Chandrababu’s strained relationships with prominent figures like Jr NTR, Harikrishna Daggupati Venkateswara Rao, and Rammurthy Naidu, suggesting that Pawan Kalyan will soon experience similar disillusionment. Nani points out Pawan’s inconsistency, citing his promise to build a house in Pithapuram while seeking medical treatment in Hyderabad for a common cold.
In a final jab, Nani questions the sincerity of Pawan’s commitment to his party’s values by asking how many Jana Sena flag bearers were given tickets by him, contrasting it with the numerous TDP leaders granted tickets by Jana Sena in 21 contested seats.

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