Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Nani starrer Dasara’s last schedule underway

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Nani’s upcoming flick Dasara will show the actor  in a raw and rustic role for the first time in his career.We have already seen a glimpse of Nani’s looks and dialect in the film.

Everything about Nani from Dasara looks very impressive so far. As a result, the Telugu audience are eagerly anticipating Nani’s full rage in the film Dasara. Well, the film is going to be released on March 30, 2023, and so the makers are winding up the rest of the production at a quick pace.The production of Dasara has reached the final stage, and here are the details.

Nani, the lead actor of Dasara, posted a picture from the sets of the film, saying that the film’s production is currently in the final stage. Nani said that the film’s last schedule has started. He also revealed that the entire cast and crew of the film are going to give their full potential for the final schedule.The film unit promised the audience that Dasara is going to be a spectacular cinematic experience on the big screen.

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