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Nannapaneni hails ‘Kalalaku Rekkalu’ Scheme for women

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Senior TDP leader Nannapaneni Rajakumari has commended the Telugu Desam Party and Janasena Party alliance for their unwavering dedication to advancing the empowerment and welfare of women across Andhra Pradesh. Addressing a press conference on International Women’s Day on March 8, Rajakumari highlighted several key initiatives and policies spearheaded by the coalition to uplift women in the state. She emphasized the introduction of the ‘Kalalaku Rekkalu’ Scheme, a joint initiative by TDP and Janasena Party, aimed at providing professional education opportunities for women in Andhra Pradesh. This scheme, with the government acting as a loan guarantor and covering loan interest, ensures that financial constraints do not hinder women’s aspirations for higher education.
Rajakumari further highlighted the coalition’s consistent prioritization of women empowerment, citing initiatives such as the reservation of 9% for women in local body elections, initially introduced by Anna NTR and later increased to 33% by former chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. She also underscored the TDP’s implementation of robust measures for women’s safety under Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership, contrasting it with the YSRCP government’s failure to address women’s safety, which has resulted in increased crime rates.
Furthermore, Rajakumari underscored the impactful Super Six Schemes by TDP, which provide significant benefits to women, including financial support, education incentives, and essential services like free gas cylinders and RTC bus travel
Rajakumari urged women across Andhra Pradesh not to be swayed by false promises, emphasizing the TDP-JSP government’s commitment to prioritizing women’s empowerment and employment opportunities. As the state braces for upcoming elections, the focus remains on ensuring the welfare and empowerment of women, with the TDP-JSP coalition vowing to continue its efforts in this regard.

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