Thursday, December 7, 2023

‘Narakasura has many surprising elements, and will surprise all’

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Rakshit Atluri of Palasa fame is playing the hero in the movie “Narakasura”. Aparna Janarthan and Sankeerthana Vipin are playing female lead roles in the film. This movie is being produced by Dr. Ajja Srinivas under the banners of Sumukha Creations and Ideal Film Makers. Sebastian Nova Acosta Jr. is directing the film. “Narakasura” is getting ready for a grand release in theaters on November 3 by Usha Pictures. The movie team participated in the press meet organized on this occasion,

Director Sebastian speaking at the event said, “When everything was shut down during the lockdown, our producers Raghu and Srinivas called me and gave me an opportunity to direct this film. Our entire team worked hard for two years for the movie “Narakasura”. The first copy was ready last month. We were tensed about how will the audience receive our film. Looking for the release, some have supported us and some have been discouraged.

We got good business offers. We are releasing our film on November 3rd in theaters through Usha Pictures, which has distributed more than two thousand films and received the Guinness Book of Records. Every single team member supported me in directing this film. Rakshit maintained the same getup for two years. Rakshit’s father treated me like his son. “Narakasura” will surprise you.

There are many more surprising elements in the movie, not just what you have seen in the poster and teaser. I can confidently say to the Telugu audience that our film will impress you. Whenever we thought about Narakasura, we remember Diwali. I can say that this movie will bring Diwali one week early in theatres.

Meanwhile, a super excited Rakshit Atluri said that “Narakasura” will be a movie that we all will be proud of. I don’t have any film background. “I think my background is to get recognition by making good films. London Babulu, Palasa, “Narakasura”, upcoming Sasivadane and Operation Raavan. I hope all these movies with new stories and concepts will bring me good name. Even if there is a gap between the release of my film, the audience still remembered me with Palasa.This is a movie based on coffee estate.

“Narakasura” will be the biggest commercial hit among films of this scale. The film will be loved by everyone. It has action, comedy, emotion and love. Thanks to Usha Pictures who are releasing the movie “Narakasura”. We are planning a tour in AP soon.”

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