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Neethone Nenu review: Meaningful story with commercial twist

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A teacher who guides us in our educational journey is often revered like a deity. This is why they are bestowed with the title ‘Gurudevo Maheswarah!’ Regardless of personal challenges, a true teacher always strives for the betterment of their students. Neethone Nenu is the story of such a teacher.

Producer M. Sudhakar Reddy, who was once a teacher himself, achieved a significant stage in life and authored the story for this film based on his personal experiences. He produced Neethone Nenu under his banner, Sri Mamidi Entertainments, with Anji Ram as the director.

Vikas Vasishtha, who left a lasting impact in Cinem Bandi, played the leading role in this film, while Kushitha Kallapu and Moksha starred as the female leads. What message did the filmmakers intend to convey with this film, which was released in theatres on October 13th? Is Neethone Nenu a message-driven film or a love story? To delve deeper into this, let’s explore the review.


Ram (Vikas Vasishtha) is a dedicated teacher at a government school in Medak. He isn’t one to merely fulfil his teaching duties for the sake of it. Ram consistently aims for his students’ academic success and personal growth. While some of his colleagues envy his unwavering dedication to his profession, others admire him for it. Ayesha (Kushitha Kallapu), who works as a PT teacher in the same school, falls in love with Ram. When she musters the courage to confess her feelings to him, she is taken aback to learn that Ram is already married to his childhood friend, Seetha (Moksha). Her visit to Ram’s home uncovers startling revelations. What does Ayesha discover about Ram? What challenges is Ram grappling with in his life? What is the connection between Seetha and Ayesha? What is Ram’s true mission for his students? To unravel these mysteries, we must watch the film.


Numerous government schools fail to provide essential resources to their students. If these schools were equipped with better facilities, their students could perform on par with those in corporate schools. Director Anji Ram effectively communicates this message. Alongside this message, the film is interwoven with a captivating love story, enhancing its appeal. The film’s narrative, set in a school environment, and the revelation of a twist in the relationship between the hero and heroine just before the intermission are executed skillfully. However, the first half feels a tad protracted.

The second half, on the other hand, deftly handles plot twists and successfully sustains the audience’s interest. The insertion of a commercial song in the middle of the story serves as a minor pacing issue. Cinematographer Murali Mohan delivers stunning visuals, and the music by Karthik is infectious. Producer Sudhakar Reddy has invested considerable effort in crafting a film that seamlessly blends commercial elements.

Vikas Vasishtha, renowned for his role in Cinema Bandi, delivers a compelling performance, portraying both a government teacher and a husband yearning for his wife. Kushitha Kallapu exudes on-screen charm, and Moksha delivers a strong emotional performance. Aakella leaves a notable mark in the role of a scheming teacher. In summary, Neethone Nenu depicts how a government teacher, despite facing personal challenges, tirelessly works for the future of his students, with a commercial twist added to the narrative.

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