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Neha Dhupia: Either sex sells or Shah Rukh Khan

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SRK’s Pathaan is ruling the box office not just in India but also globally. Fans are in love with the comeback of Bollywood’s Baadshah and cannot wait to experience more of his magic in the upcoming releases of the actor.

Actress Neha Dhupia revisited an old statement of her from the time and it has taken over the social media now. Earlier, during the release of her film she had said ‘either sex sells or Shah Rukh Khan.’

Neha also tweeted about her movie-watching experience, writing, “It was a packed house, there were whistles, there was cheer and our hearts rejoiced… we laughed on beat, we applauded on every dialogue and we jumped out of our seats on cue each time Pathaan kicked. Shah Rukh Khan, thank you for you… this is what cinematic victory looks like!”

For the unversed, Neha during the promotions of her film Julie had said in an interview, “Julie has love-making scenes and shots exposing my bare back… I’m not affected by the sex symbol tag. It doesn’t bother me if people say I have overshadowed Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu by exposing in Julie. In today’s time, either sex sells or Shah Rukh Khan. So I would rather be a sex prop in my next five films.”

Neha played the role of a sex worker in Deepak Shivdasani’s erotic thriller. She had many love-making and bold scenes in the film.

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