Thursday, February 22, 2024

Netas queue up at Pragathi Bhavan to thank KCR

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Pragati Bhavan became bustling with the BRScandidates queuing up to thank Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. The BRS leaders compared KCR to Lord Krishna and said that he is to them what Krishnais to the Pandavas.
Leaders did not mince in saying Pandavas did not want weapons but Krishna on their side, even for them KCR would be enough for them.

Pragathi Bhavan showed that the confidence of the ‘BRS-2023’ MLA candidates towards victory is soaring like a rocket after giving themselves another chance in the upcoming Assembly elections. With the leader giving them opportunity again, their confidence in winning has increased. As the Chief Minister kept his word, who had announced that only the sittings would be renominated, they felt elated and congratulated the Chief Minister.

The outpouring of thanks which started from the moment the list of candidates was released continued on Tuesday as well. To thisextent, the candidates reached Pragati Bhavan with flower bouquets and their family members, along with the leaders of the respective districts were buzzing in Pragathi Bhavan. Taking blessings from their leader, Chief Minister KCR, they showed their gratitude by taking many pictures without putting their hands on their shoulders.

Taking the blessings of the leader and getting a hattrick victory in the upcoming elections with a huge majority, they are gearing up to make their leader a hattrick Chief Minister.

Announcing 115 candidates for the first time in an unprecedented manner is a rare record created by CM KCR in the history of Indian elections. Apart from that, it is another great thing that up to 100 people are sitting candidates.

“KCR’s rule, which is already number one in many aspects and is creating history, is making its own mark in the field of elections as well, surprising political analysts and critics.

Taking such a bold decision and standing has become a source of pride not only for Telangana but for the country as well”, BRS leaders opine.

A BRS leader said, “A day before the successful safe landing of Chandrayaan-3 launched by ISRO scientists, ‘Telangana Chandrayaan-3’ successfully landed safely.

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