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No conflict between Hindus & Muslimsover 20 years: CM

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Chief Minister Revanth Reddy said there has been no conflict between Hindus and Muslims for 20 years. It is because of religious harmony that IT companies came to Hyderabad, he said. “Old City people have forgotten curfew days and are celebrating Vinayaka Chawthi and Ramzan together. However, the BJP is creating ‘hatred’ to win elections. The BJP is trying to shift investments coming to Hyderabad to Gujarat by creating conflicts. The BJP wants 400 LS seats to end reservations. The Congress must win to save the Constitution. If peace and security is disrupted development will stop,” the CM said.

“Don’t listen to ‘hate’ speeches.. This land is ours, we should be united. Lives will be shattered if curfew comes back,” the CM said. Attending a roadshow in Goshamahal on Friday night, Revanth said that the people of Old City should think and change should be brought about. The CM said that he would take responsibility for developing Hyderabad if people ensured the victory of the Congress candidate in Hyderabad. “Hyderabad has attracted major companies because of its stable law and order situation,” said Revanth. “But if you make the mistake of electing the BJP, communal tensions will become the norm. The Old City, once notorious for curfews, has witnessed significant development. Today, festivals like Ramzan and Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated peacefully. However, the BJP is conspiring to create law and order issues, discouraging investments in Hyderabad and driving them to Gujarat,” the CM said. The Chief Minister criticised both the BJP and the AIMIM for sowing division among people based on religion. “On one side, there’s Owaisi and on the other, there’s Modi. Neither of them wants to eradicate poverty or support the working class. They have neglected auto-rick drivers, street vendors and labourers,” he said. “The BJP has been winning in Secunderabad and AIMIM in Hyderabad as they both are following the same divisive ideology.

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