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None can stop our win: Jagan

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Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the attack on him has only fortified his resolve to serve the people.
Addressing his first public gathering in Gudivada since the assault on him during his ‘Memantha Siddham Yatra’, near Vijayawada, he said, “While the wound on my forehead may heal in 10 days, the scars inflicted by Chandrababu on the poor will endure a lifetime,” Chief Minister Jagan remarked.
Facing criticism and Opposition from various quarters, including Chandrababu, the media, and political rivals, Jagan remained undeterred. “Attacks from all sides only affirm our proximity to victory. They are distant from it, while we stand on the brink,” asserted CM Jagan. Emphasising his commitment to the welfare of the people, Jagan urged his supporters, “Are you ready to stand with me for another five years, to fight for the future of the underprivileged and to uphold our ongoing initiatives?”
Reflecting on his government’s accomplishments, Jagan highlighted the transformative changes brought about, contrasting them with the unfulfilled promises of his predecessor.  “We have made significant strides, providing essential services to farmers, ensuring free electricity during the day, and securing land rights for millions,” he stated.
“In the past 58 months, we’ve witnessed tangible progress in every corner of the State. Our initiatives, including generous pension schemes and infrastructural developments, underscore our commitment to the people,” added Chief Minister Jagan.
Furthermore, Jagan outlined his administration’s efforts in healthcare, education, and economic development, including the establishment of medical colleges and industrial corridors, and consistently topping the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings.
Recalling Chandrababu’s unfulfilled pledges from 2014, Jagan criticised his predecessor’s failure to deliver on key promises, such as farm loan waivers and unemployment benefits, contrasting them with his own administration’s track record of fulfilling 99% of its manifesto commitments.
Chief Minister Jagan reiterated his dedication to the people of Andhra Pradesh, promising to continue striving for their welfare and progress.

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