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‘Nothing in my career has changed after marrying Varun’

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In the captivating online series Miss Perfect, Lavanya Tripathi plays the lead role alongside Bigg Boss star Abhijeet, who portrays the hero. Under the Annapurna Studios umbrella, Supriya Yarlagadda produces the series, which is directed by Vishwak Khanderao. Disney+ Hotstar is currently offering Miss Perfect for streaming. In a recent interview, Lavanya Tripathi offered her thoughts on the series.
She mentioned, for instance, that Miss Perfect extols gifted actresses. “But first, I have to talk about writing. The narrative is captivating, skillfully fusing romantic and humorous themes. Such a script has me giddy with anticipation. This comedy has a diverse cast of people, so it’s not your typical fare. I portrayed Miss Lavanya and Lakshmi in this series. She is a perfectionist, which causes obstacles because she demands excellence from every task. These characters are a complex collection of feelings. I’m an actress who is constantly looking for different roles, and Miss Perfect gave me that chance.” Hearing that made us pleased!
One of the biggest names in tollywood continues, saying, “Indeed, Miss Lavanya and Lakshmi, my characters, are very similar to me personally. There are a lot of parallels between these real-life characters and me. I’m like Lakshmi at home, and I strive for perfection on set like Lavanya’s character does. I frequently request several takes. Miss Perfect was similar to making a movie, except that I finished in 30 days instead of the year a movie might take.” We hope our readers found that revelation to be interesting!
She tells the media, “Nothing in my career has changed after marrying Varun Tej,” as she delves deeper into the happy event and how life has altered since her recent wedding to the actor. “No one has told me what to do or not do since I joined the gigantic family. I still have the same amount of freedom in my career. It helps to have a companion as understanding as Varun. Has the perception of me by others changed? We stay exactly the same as we were. Getting into a well-known family felt nice. Varun liked the Miss Perfect television series after seeing it. He even posted his comments on Instagram after enjoying the entire series. Varun and I carry on with our respective careers on our own. He isn’t involved with my projects, but he listens when I talk about the scripts I’ve selected. Varun knew the screenplay for this series and thought it was interesting.”
The part where she said, “Acting in the Miss Perfect series was not challenging but rather refreshing,” is what keeps us talking to her. “It was much simpler to go from a dark thriller in Tamil and another thriller series, Puli Meka, to a rom-com like this one. The main difficulty was learning how to deliver the dialogue under Vishwak’s direction. I’ve always chosen carefully which movies to see; I’d rather not take on too many projects at once because I want to build my reputation as an actress with a limited number of roles.”
On the workfront, she just finished a movie under People Media Factory in which she plays a police officer with a new actor. In addition, she is working on a Tamil film.

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