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Nurturing talents to pursue their musical fanacies

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Bringing a platform for music lovers to polish their skills, The Pioneer brings to you about Music Champs as we connect with the founder.
Who doesn’t love music? In addition to being fun, listening to music may even improve your health, according to certain studies. Music also has numerous other psychological advantages. In addition to energising the body and calming the mind, music can even improve pain management.
The idea that music has the power to affect your emotions, ideas, and actions probably does not come as a huge surprise. You may readily grasp how music can affect moods and even motivate action if you’ve ever been brought to tears by a moving live performance or been pumped up while listening to your favorite fast-paced rock anthem.
Like any other music enthusiast who loves listening to music or playing instruments, Sangita Tiwari and her co-founder, the gifted and versatile singer Swarit Nigam, founded Music Champs, an educational startup that inspires music lovers of all ages and gives students the tools they need to realize their greatest potential.
Speaking to The Pioneer, Sangita Tiwari, who began Music Champs in 2023, shares, “During the pandemic, I was dumbfounded to see how the majority of children were glued to their phones all the time. This certainly has an impact on productivity and creativity. Basically, I wanted to do something for these children—in fact, for all age groups. It was then that I thought of setting up a platform for music enthusiasts where they could learn and teach others. Everyone of us loves music; while some enjoy singing, the others enjoy playing instruments.”
Finding the right instructor within one’s budget is a huge task in itself. Again, with online platforms, the quality of service is affected. Well, this was the issue she had to go through. And thus, with this platform, she aims to render high-quality services related to music in terms of courses, interactive tools, instructional videos, and sheet music. “I have recruited the top, highly professional certified music instructors to teach people of all age groups at affordable prices, thereby tackling all the major issues. The company’s primary services encompass a diverse array of music classes, including keyboard, guitar, ukulele, violin, flute, drums, and vocals. The mission of the start-up is to provide exceptional music education for music beginners by offering access to unparalleled instructors who provide personalised guidance. The platform provides a wide range of high-quality resources, including instructional videos, sheet music, and interactive tools.”
Initially, just like many entrepreneurs with no business background, she too had to go through her own share of challenges. For example, connecting with beginners with suitable instructors! However, she shares that as she took the platform online, the firm evolved successfully as an online learning hub by implementing a personalised approach to match learners with the best-suited teachers.
While we went ahead with the interview, she also went on to express her gratitude to We Hub and said that they had offered a lot of support by suggesting various marketing platforms and networking. Thereby, helping her launch the startup within a time span of six months! Within a brief six-month period, the startup has successfully enrolled over 200 learners from five different countries, namely India, the US, the UK, Canada, and Singapore. This global reach has earned Music Champs a reputation for innovation in the music education space.
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