Monday, June 24, 2024

Officials asked to clear proper TG-bPASS applications in time

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After various complaints from the people, GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose ordered the town planning officials to approve the eligible applications filed under the TG-bPASS as per the rules within the stipulated period. On Tuesday, the Commiss ioner held a review meeting with Town Planning officials in GHMC head office, where he reviewed the applications in GHMC circle-wise.
In the review meeting, Ronald Rose said, “The applications related to the building permissions under TG b-PASS should be resolved expeditiously without causing any inconvenience to the public. It is not correct to show some reason to reject the permission. It came to my notice that shortfalls rage is higher to reject applications”.
The Commissioner asked the officials to give the shortfalls and rejected data and advised them to change their workstyle. He ordered the officials to follow the instant registrations and approval should be done on field-level inspections, without any delay. Identify the dilapidated buildings, go to every street and see the cellars, he asked.
GHMC Chief City Planner Rajendra Prasad Naik, Chief Planners, Section Officers and Town Planning staff participated in this review meeting.

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