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Officials directed to check welfare of adopted children

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District Collector V Prasanna Venkatesh has directed the officials to regularly check the welfare of children given for adoption.

As per the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), Adoption Regulation 2022, Sridhar Babu, who was sheltered at the Eluru Children’s Home, was given to the adoption applicants Manchikanti Srinivasa Rao and Durga from Telangana in the Collector’s Chamber on Monday.

On this occasion, Collector Prasanna Venkatesh said that the authorities must check the antecedents of those who adopt children as per the provisions of the Criminal Code. The authorities should also check whether the adopters are taking care of the children properly or not, and the details should be recorded online from time to time.

In case of any problem, action should be taken to resolve it immediately. Steps should be taken to display the posters prepared with the rules and regulations of CARA in order to inform the parents of the children about how to get adoption in CARA in every village/ward secretariat. ICDS Project Officer Padmavathi, District Child Welfare Officer Surya Chakraveni and officials of various departments were present.

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