Monday, April 15, 2024

Open NS gates to save withering crops: Jagadish to Revanth

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Instead of opening the Congress gates for the BRS MLAs, the State government should lift the gates of Nagarjuna Sagar project, Srisailam project and Kaleswaram project to save the withering crops due to drought-like conditions prevailed in the State, said former minister and Suryapet MLA G Jagadish Reddy on Tuesday.
Responding to the Chief Minister’s remarks that if the Congress are to open the gates, no one, except former Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and his family members, would remain in the BRS, Jagadish Reddy said that it seemed that the Chief Minister always toyed with the idea of “horse-trading.” He expressed the view that the people would now not give any credence to the statements of the Congress leaders. He felt that the Congress government should be held responsible for drought-like conditions prevailing in the State.
If the Congress failed to implement the guarantees promised by it to the people, the people would break open the Congress gates, he pointed out.
Had KCR been Chief Minister of Telangana, he would have kept drought at bay, he said. The Congress government has lost its sheen, he said.
He demanded that the government carry out repairs to the Medigadda Barrage and release water to save the withering crops.

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