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Opposition creating rift in YSR family: Vasireddy

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Former AP Women’s Commission Chairperson and prominent leader in the YSRCP, Vasireddy Padma, has accused the opposition of attempting to sow discord among members of the YS family. Padma’s remarks come amid escalating tensions within political circles, particularly regarding the involvement of YS Sharmila in what she terms as Chandrababu Naidu’s political manoeuvres and a larger conspiracy orchestrated by the Congress.
In a strongly worded statement, Padma condemned the attempts to drag YS Sharmila into the political quagmire, attributing it to the machinations of Chandrababu Naidu for his own political gain. She also criticised YS Avinash Reddy, levelling serious allegations against him. Padma questioned Sharmila’s stance on the judicial system, urging her to demonstrate faith in due process while highlighting the vigilant scrutiny of the people of Kadapa regarding the tragic murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy. Furthermore, Padma emphasised the need for clarity from Sharmila on various issues and demanded accountability from the Congress for its role in the State’s current predicament.

She lambasted Sharmila’s apparent inconsistency in political positions and called attention to the fleeting nature of her commitments.
Regarding the upcoming elections, Padma underscored the imperative for genuine intentions and steadfastness from Sharmila, cautioning against the politicisation of ongoing investigations. She reiterated the support for Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy from the people of Andhra Pradesh and hinted at impending action by the YSRCP to address perceived electoral malpractice.
Padma urged Sharmila to provide a coherent explanation for her political manoeuvres and the future course of her campaign. She accused Sharmila of engaging in opportunistic politics and accused her of reneging on promises made to her constituents. Padma concluded by casting doubts on the sincerity of Sharmila’s electoral bid and signalled the YSRCP’s readiness to escalate their objections through official channels, including lodging a formal complaint with the Election Commission.

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