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‘Our album has all yesteryear Christmas songs with new touch’

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All set to bring some astonishing Christmas songs this season, The Pioneer connects with  Sam K. Prasan, the music director of the latest Christian devotional songs by Yahweh Music, sharing deets about the album, and more.

K. Ramya Sree
Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is here, the season of joy and celebration. For many, Christmas is about days-long celebrations, great food, get-togethers, prayers, and not forgetting the surprising gifts from Santa. However, all celebrations are incomplete without music, especially Christmas. We meant music and not just Jingle Bells; there are a lot. Especially devotional music, after listening to it, one can go into an all-new world praising the Lord.
Yahweh Music, a Hyderabad-based Digital Media Channel, initiated by Exodus Media Producers Myneni Neelima Choudhary and King Johnson Koyyada, is releasing many Christmas songs ahead of the festival. The Pioneer got in touch with Sam K. Prasan, the music director of the latest Christian devotional songs, who had already released a couple of songs from the Christmas album.
Sharing the thought behind making these songs, Sam shared with us, “King Johnson Anna, the founder of Yahweh Music, has come up with a few concepts, one of which was creating gospels with a set of five songs. After finishing 10 songs, we entered the Christmas season, and we started doing another five festive ones. One specialty about this is that all the Christmas songs are popular songs from yesteryear, and we gave a new touch to them without losing on their authenticity, redefining the tunes, and modernising them.”
They have tried Middle Eastern rhythm, techno-pop, jazz, and others to make them sound more enticing.
Sam K. Prasan is a known musician in the Tollywood film and commercial music industry, where he composed music for some popular ads, movies, and more. One of his big hits was the 2008 rom-com Vinayakudu. He is also into a lot of jingles.
Despite composing many songs in his career thus far, for Sam, this Christmas album for Yahweh music remains very special. The reason he cited was: “I believe God has given me this wonderful talent, which has become my bread and butter. I always prayed to God to use me for his glory, and now, with this, I am very grateful I am able to serve God in some way or another, unknowingly. I can assure you that these 5 songs are my favourites because I put my heart and soul into them, and I have done it all by myself here in Hyderabad, unlike the other music where I go to Chennai for my workstation and my team.”
Moreover, he also won an award for best background score for a horror film in Odiya.
Since everyone is expecting visuals in any kind of music, the team is trying hard to give its audience a visual delight as well as not impress them with the music. “We tried a musical arrangement. We are expecting that people will like this experiment, and the audience must listen to them to know what I am talking about.”
Another exciting factor about his compositions in this album is that Sam has converted a peppy gospel song into a lullaby, and he is super excited about the 8-minute song.
Lastly, the musician had something to confess, and the confession made us happy. He has been a regular follower of The Pioneer newspaper ever since its launch in the Telugu-speaking states. He also shared some anecdotes from reading this publication, and now this talent bunch feels happy that he is being featured in a publication that he has been adoring all this while. Well, this not only made him happy but also the family of The Pioneer.
On the work front, he has three films in the pipeline and a web series, one of the movies is being produced by Exodus Media.
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