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Outpouring support for Samantha after ‘lost charm and glow’ tweet

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I pray you never have to go through months of treatment and medication like I did .. And here’s some love from me to add to your glow.”This was how actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu responded to a tweet that she “lost all her charm and glow.”

Hours after Samantha attended the trailer launch of her upcoming film Shaakuntalam, a tweet shocked all her fans.“Feeling sad for Samantha she lost all her charm and glow. When everyone thought she came out of divorce strongly and her professional life is seeing heights, Myositis hit her badly, making her weak again,” reads the tweet from a verified Twitter handle.

Samantha received an outpouring of support from Netizens.A Twitter user wrote: “As someone who has an autoimmune disease, and went through heaps of experimental treatments including steroids, with all the effects of illness and treatment that showed up visibly, these kinds of condescending remarks can feel brutal. I feel sorry for those that can’t see.”

To this, Samantha added: “In a world where you can be anything … Be kind!!” She added: “You are beautiful.”Another Twitter user wrote: “I have three auto immune patients at home MS/SS and PS, affecting nerves, muscles and skin respectively. You are a fighter and so are my family members. Be strong and we will overcome everything.”

In October, Samantha was diagnosed with a rare condition Myositis, which weakens muscles. Since there have been rumours that she is taking a long sabbatical from work. She, however, dismissed the rumours and last week declared that she is back at work.
On Monday, Samantha attended the trailer release function of Shaakuntalam, the Telugu mythological drama.

Samantha broke down during the function. She was emotional over the immense support she received from the unit. “No matter how many struggles I face in life, one thing won’t change. That’s how much I love cinema and cinema loves me back,” she said.

She had earlier stated the toughest part of her Shaakuntalam shoot was maintaining her grace and posture.“The toughest part of Shaakuntalam was maintaining grace and posture while walking, talking, running … even crying! And grace is sooo not my thing. Had to take training sessions for it!” wrote Samantha on Instagram.

Written and directed by Gunasekhar, Shaakntalam is based on the popular play by Kalidasa. Samantha has played the role of Shakuntala while Dev Mohan will be seen as Dushyanta, the king of Puru Dynasty.Scheduled to hit screens worldwide on February 17, this will be Samantha’s first 2023 movie.

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